Maryland Umbrella Insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Standard insurance may not provide adequate coverage against liability excluded from the policies. An umbrella or excess liability policy provides extra coverage above what standard insurance offers. Some people in Maryland who already have standard insurance do not know the value of umbrella insurance.

Even with standard policies, one may be required to pay liability more than the coverage. The extra payment involves legal fees and other litigation expenses. When the settlement is determined, you may have to look for additional finances to meet the excess settlement. It is in such situations that the umbrella policy becomes useful as it takes care of the settlement amount more than the standard policy. Without the coverage, you would have to settle the additional expenses out of your pocket or have a lien placed on your assets. T. L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC will help you find the right umbrella insurance that provides an extra layer of protection against liability and fees.

Umbrella insurance protects against

  • Significant damage to property - If your car is involved in an accident in which you are at fault, your policy may fail to meet the full settlement. Without an umbrella policy, you may end up with severe financial problems.
  • Serious bodily harm - If a person gets injured in your Maryland home, the resulting medical costs may exceed your homeowner's insurance. An umbrella policy will help you pay the extra cost with little stress.
  • Libel or slander - You could face prosecution for things you write or say, and you may not have any coverage against such risk. Your umbrella policy will protect you against any liability claims.
  • Malicious prosecution - It's possible to end up being sued for maliciously raising a case against another party. In such a case, you can use your umbrella policy to settle the arising liability.

It is essential to have an umbrella policy to provide you with additional protection. If you want to learn more about policy, call or visit T. L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC and let our experienced agents guide you accordingly.

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