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Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Home Insurance

Your home is where your heart is and is an investment you ought to protect by all means. Home insurance coverage policies come in a range of variety depending on the homeowner's needs and budget. A home insurance policy helps protect you, your home, and belongings against losses and damages. T.L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC present you with various insurance options and help you make informed decisions to be adequately insured. Here's a look at multiple coverage options to consider.

Dwelling Protection

This covers the structure of the home in which you live in, built-in appliances, and other structures that are attached to it against risks of possible damage or loss. The damage or loss may be caused by acts of vandalism, theft, fire, lightning, or thunderstorms. This coverage caters for the repairs of your house as well as rebuilding it. An optional policy for natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes may be suggested to go along with your home insurance at T.L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC, in Maryland.

Other Structures Protection

Structures in your home but not attached to your house are covered separately. These are structures like the fence, detached garage, and sheds.

Personal Property Protection

We offer coverage for possessions within your home such as furniture, clothes, and electronics. This coverage pays for repair as well as replacement of damaged, destroyed, or stolen property. An optional policy that extends to valuables such as jewelry, art, watches, and possessions of high value is also available.

Liability Protection

A home insurance policy provides liability coverage when someone not living with you is injured or gets their property damaged by you, your loved ones, or your pet while on your property. Liability coverage helps pay for any resulting legal expenses or the visitor's medical bills if you are at fault of their injuries or losses.

Our goal at T.L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC, in Maryland is to help you get the best coverage against any damage or loss. We offer our customers assistance choosing a policy that will suit their lifestyle and financial capabilities. Invest wisely in your home's future by using our online rating tool for quotes on home insurance to get started.

Renters Insurance

Although renters insurance is important, many tenants in Maryland do not have it. In the event of a tragedy affecting the rented building, the affected tenant will struggle to recover from the financial loss they have suffered. The people who do not have the coverage typically ignore it for the following misconceptions.

Landlord's policy caters for tenant belongings

Property owners have insurance coverage to protect their interests. Some tenants assume that their belongings are covered under the policy. Landlord's coverage only takes care of structural damage or when a person suffers an injury while in the building as a result of a condition the owner is responsible.

Ignoring the risk

Some tenants in Maryland argue that they can accommodate the risk of losing their assets. However, this is an idea which can cause serious setbacks to those affected. It is hard to find a way to replace precious items such as jewelry and collections. Some tenants ignore the need for renters insurance because their landlords do not require them to have it. Ignoring the risk can be costly as the tragedy can keep recurring.

Invaluable goods

The value of household goods can run into thousands of dollars, but many people seem to neglect the worth of their possessions and therefore do not see the need to visit T. L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC learn and how to insure them. For people without sufficient financial resources, replacing the lost items can lead them to cash flow problems. Eventually, they will struggle to meet their rental obligations.

Dependence on emergency fund

It is important to have an emergency fund to cater for unplanned financial obligations. However, it is wrong to assume that you can depend on the emergency fund to replace your possessions. Your home may be affected by a fire or break-in at a time when your emergency fund is depleted.

If you are a tenant without renters insurance, you need to learn more about its benefits. Call or visit T. L. Brown Insurance Group, LLC for a better understanding of the renters insurance in your area.

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